Choosing the Right Flooring Company

Choosing the Right Flooring Company

As a contractor, your reputation is everything. Your client will also find you responsible for the actions of your subcontractors and suppliers. That is why it is critical to find the right flooring supply company. SMI Flooring Distributors has built a reputation as the perfect choice for contractors. We offer a great selection of floors in a wide range of prices and styles. You are sure to find something your client loves, while getting our legendary quality and customer service.


As a contractor, your top concern should be the quality of the flooring you install. No matter how skilled you are, the quality of products makes a difference in the results of your job. We stake our reputation on the flooring we sell, so you can stake your reputation on the flooring you install.

See the Selection

Some flooring companies only have a limited selection of flooring samples. However, you want to see real samples to be able to view them in your project space. Bring your clients to a showroom with style. Schedule a viewing with us and spend as much time as you and the client need looking at different flooring types, styles, and colors. Make sure your client ends up with the floor of their dreams.

Expert Advice

No matter how skilled you are as a contractor, everyone needs expert advice from time-to-time. At SMI Flooring Distributors, we do more than sell flooring. We are experts on our products. Do you need a floor for a challenging surface? Do you have questions about installation? We can help you with any of the challenges that you encounter.

Great Prices

We offer our contractors great prices on great flooring. You can pass those savings onto your customers. That means that you can offer competitive quotes, securing those jobs, while still ensuring that you can make a profit. We are able to offer such great pricing because we establish relationships with our contractors, letting us work in bulk. It can make a huge difference in terms of your bottom line.

Protect Your Reputation

As a contractor, your reputation is everything. Customers decide on your reputation based on several things: the quality of the work you do, how well you adhere to quotes, how well you adhere to your estimated project time, and the quality of your materials. Working with SMI Flooring Distributors can help you boost your reputation. We get you the high-quality materials you need, on time, and at some of the best prices in the industry.