About Us

I grew up in a small town and a family with few financial resources. I understood, since I was a child, that I need to work hard to obtain financial stability and at the age of 13 I started working for my father, at the age of 20 winning my own business.

For years I was successful in my small company, however, due to professional immaturity I made choices that resulted in me needing to close like doors.

At the age of 28, I made a more difficult and challenging decision of my professional life, for the USA. I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t know he was going to work, I had no resources or friends. I just had the courage and attitude to look for something new.

Reception in the new world was very difficult, as it adds to personal concerns, faces prejudices with co-workers 10 years younger. It was my determination that kept me going. I fought, planted, and mainly knew how to wait for the right time to harvest.

My look to the past is one of gratitude. I am grateful to God for blessing me, my family for supporting me in difficult times, and all those who work by my side.

Thank you,