Why Using the Right Type of Glue Is Important

Why Using the Right Type of Glue Is Important

If you have chosen a glue-down installation for your floor, the next thing is picking the right type of glue. There are two main types of glues you can choose to install a floor: urethane adhesives and water-based adhesives. Most of today’s glues are urethane adhesives. Water based adhesives work better with a plop and slide down method, which makes it a good choice for DIY installations.

The three most popular brands of floor glue are Bostik, Mapei, and Sika. Bostik is popular but cannot be used on engineered wood floors. We prefer Mapei and Sika because they are reliable, environmentally friendly, and affordable.

Deciding which type of glue is right for you depends on several factors. Mapei is the most popular brand of building adhesive products. They make products for all types of glue down flooring. Their products are reliable. They offer a large selection of color and properties, so they can be used with a variety of different products.

Sika is known for its adhesive materials, especially for reinforcing and sealing. Sika’s adhesives are great for waterproofing and insulating.

Which one is right for you? The first thing to look at is the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many flooring types will recommend or require a specific type of adhesive for flooring installation. Failing to use the right adhesive can invalidate warranties on the flooring. Even if the manufacturer allows you to use other types of adhesives, if there is a problem, they may try to blame those adhesives if you have deviated from their recommendations. Therefore, we always suggest that the manufacturer’s recommendations provide the main guidance when choosing adhesive types.

If the manufacturer has not suggested a specific type of glue, then we look at the demands of the job. Mapei is a great product and is often less expensive than other types of glue. In fact, it can be almost $100 less expensive than similar Bostik products. For a large project, this can mean thousands of dollars in savings for your adhesive. Given the high-quality of Mapei products, these cost savings do not mean inferior quality.

We tend to recommend Sika products when people are dealing with wet applications. Sika is known for creating reliable waterproof barriers. That makes it a great choice over unfinished areas and can serve as an all-in-one glue and sealing product. This can simplify the installation process.

Still not sure what product is right for your job? We would love to help. We will consider the flooring material and the installation site and help you make the best choice for your customer.