Floor and Paint Combinations for Winter

Floor and Paint Combinations for Winter

If you are like millions of Americans, you are in the middle of preparing for a mostly “normal” holiday season. Welcome your friends and family in style by redecorating your home. We have included some of the hottest paint and flooring combinations that designers are featuring this season. While they are on-trend, they are not trendy. These combinations will look good now and for years to come.

Colors for Light Floors

Looking at a light flooring option? Light floors are a great way to open up your space, making it look bigger, lighter and brighter. You can choose light wall colors with a light floor to create an airy and bright space. However, light floors also let you choose intense, saturated colors for your walls for a high-contrast, high-end look.

Gray walls remain very trendy and can go well with lighter floors. Just keep color families in mind. There are warm grays and cool grays. You want to match the undertone of your paint to the undertone of your floor to get a modern, high-end look.

Want to create a calm room? Choose beige walls with a white trim. The combination is neutral and relaxing. You can punch it up with bright colors or keep the décor neutral. If you are a houseplant lover, this color combination creates a great backdrop for vibrant splashes of green.

Looking for a high-impact contrast? Consider brown walls. Brown walls used to be a drab option. However, modern paint formulas allow browns to capture all of the depth and warmth of natural browns. From deep chocolates to warm toffee colors, brown can make your space feel luxurious, expensive, warm, and inviting. Deep browns bring out highlights of deeper browns in a light floor. Just keep your trim light and bright to keep the room from looking overwhelming.

Brighten up the space with white walls. You might think of white walls as boring, but the combination of white walls and light floors is a classic way to add the illusion of space to smaller areas. It also has a timeless but modern look and allows you to make your furnishings or artwork the showpiece of your living space.

Add some pizzazz to your room with pastels. Shades like lavender, baby blue, mint green, pale yellow, and baby pink all look fabulous with super-light floors. The lighter the pastel, the more versatile they can be, taking on a neutral role but with more visual interest than white walls.

Colors for Medium Colored Floors

If you are going for a classic hardwood look, whether in hardwoods or in great simulations like luxury vinyl plank (LVP), your color combinations are virtually endless. Medium floor shades are high impact, but still manage to reflect light.

Keep it neutral with darker neutral paint shades like white, sand, café au lait, or dark beige tones. You can even choose some non-traditional neutrals like sage green, pale yellow, or even a darker gray.

Because your medium-colored floors are a true neutral, you could also use bright colors on your walls. Consider grass green, royal blue, or a deep red. If you choose a bright wall color, a white trim creates great contrast. You could even do different dramatic colors in each room.

Colors for Dark Floors

Dark flooring makes a stunning visual impact. You can choose floors with everything from a warm cherry undertone to the cool tones of charcoal and slate. Let your floor’s tone help guide your paint choices. Keep the whole look warm or cool.

Generally, you want light colored walls if you have dark floors. Bright white walls, ecrus, and even linen-colored walls look great with darker floors. However, do not be scared to use vibrant colors. A terra cotta orange wall paired with warm hardwood floors looks playful and colorful while still looking expensive and high-end.