Choosing the Right Flooring

Choosing the Right Flooring

You have a client who knows exactly what they want their new floors to look like. It is like finding that magical unicorn. Until you find out that they want a floor that is unsuitable for their lifestyle or where they want it installed.

As a contractor, you have to think about the things your clients ignore. A great looking floor is one thing, but you want to install a floor that will stand up to their demands and look great years from now, not just when you install it.

That is why we have put together this flooring guide. It is all about choosing the right types of flooring for various installation challenges. Once you know these basic rules, you can guide your clients to the right type of flooring for their lifestyles. Given the wide variety of appearances available in almost all flooring types, they can get the look they want, while you ensure they get a floor that can stand up to their demands. You end up looking like a hero and you get great customer reviews for helping them pick the right products. It is a contracting win-win!

First things first, where is this floor going? Is it a high-moisture area? We all know that bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are high-moisture areas, but mud rooms and entryways may also be high-moisture as well. The best floors for high-moisture areas are ceramic, porcelain, concrete, and vinyl.

Next, do they have or plan to get pets? We love pets, but pet nails can wreak havoc on floors, especially hardwoods! If your clients have pets or plan on getting them, steer them towards more durable flooring options. Luxury vinyl plank, ceramic, and porcelain are great options for pets. In a home with potty trained pets, laminate and carpet are also okay options. However, as people who have had aging pets in the past, we would urge them to steer clear of anything that cannot stand up to regular steam cleaning!

What is their budget? Do not make the mistake of ignoring budget when showing your clients their flooring options. If they fall in love with a very expensive option, it may be hard to sell them on something they can afford, even if you know the overall effect will be similar once it is installed. If they can afford $2 or less per square foot, laminates, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and some carpets may be the best choice. The $2 to $5 per square foot price range opens up most options, including many types of LVP. If their budget is $5 or more per square foot, they can get almost any type of flooring.

Finally, talk to them about maintenance. In terms of daily care, most modern floors have similar maintenance requirements. While you might use a different system to care for a LVP floor or
hardwood floor than you would for a ceramic floor, the time commitment is the same. Just make sure you teach the client the right floorcare regime. However, in terms of long-term commitment, hardwood floors do require greater upkeep. You want to make sure your clients understand upkeep requirements before you install the flooring!