Stain Trends for Flooring

Stain Trends for Flooring

For the last decade or so, dark stains have been trending for hardwood floors. Dark floors, even ebony colored, were on trend. While dark floors remain in demand, we are also seeing an increased demand for lighter flooring. People are trending towards lighter tones. Another big stain trend is natural-colored floors.

Unfinished Floors

One of the hottest stain trends we have seen is for unfinished floors. People use products like Loba Invisible to highlight the natural color of the flooring. This provides a great neutral base, which works with some of the other color trends we are seeing in interior design.

Cool Tones

For a long time, people loved the warm inviting finish of a wood floor. However, people have been trending away from red and yellow warm undertones. Instead, people are opting for cooler finishes. In addition to the cool grays that have been popular for years, people are also embracing neutral or cool browns without a red undertone.

Lighter Colors

Although dark floors have been popular for years, people seem to be moving away from the ultra-dark colors of years past. While a dark floor may be stunning, people seem to be realizing that they are very unforgiving. Instead of hiding dust or dirt, dark floors highlight every imperfection, which means that they require constant upkeep. People are choosing lighter colors in dark flooring. They are also trending towards very light floors. White and gray finishes are especially popular.

Blacker Blacks

For people who love their dark wood flooring, the trend may actually be to go darker. True Black finishes offer a uniform dark shade that can actually help blend different types of wood in a home. People love the modern finish and are embracing it over the traditional ebony and ebony blend stains that have been popular over the last few years, making it one of the strong stain trends.


While gray has been on-trend for about a decade, greige is becoming more and more popular. Greige involves mixing gray and beige tones. For walls, it can be a light true neutral color. In floors, greige may be more color-saturated, mixing tones of gray with true-neutral browns. We love the neutrality of this trend, but it can be tricky to accomplish when restaining floors. Make sure and consult with experts about the right products to use to accomplish this color.


Whitewashed floors can provide a hint of gray or a hint of a true neutral. Whitewashed floors were a popular stain trend from a few decades ago, but the modern iteration has a very beach house feel. You can achieve a subtle whitewash by adding a white tint to a sealing product.