Looking into New Floors this Fall? Flooring Trends for the Season and Beyond

Looking into New Floors this Fall? Flooring Trends for the Season and Beyond

With the holiday season right around the corner, and Covid lockdowns slipping into the past, many homeowners are finally able to have gatherings at their home again. And it comes as no surprise that with holiday hosting comes the undeniable pressure to impress friends, and family, with your space.

For this reason, there is no better time to dig into that remodel you’ve been thinking about ever since you took all those late-night Pinterest deep dives.

Being in the loop on the latest flooring trends will equip you with all the knowledge you need to get started and help you to make a decision that stands the test of time. You want your floors to keep your home in style for this holiday season and many more to come!

Trendiest flooring this year:

Vinyl? Yes, please.

With modern technology, vinyl flooring gives off an illusion eerily similar to natural wood and stone. The ability of vinyl to mimic the appearance of traditional high-end materials, and the natural beauty of hardwood flooring make vinyl a middle of the road option in terms of cost. Not only does vinyl flooring look flawless, but it also comes in a sweeping variety of decorative patterns. At SMI Flooring Distributors, our inclusive selection of luxury PermaShield Vinyl ranges in shade from Beach Beige to Golden Mocha with Burnt Grey in between. Styling options aside, Vinyl flooring is most notably a popular choice because it is durable, easy to clean, and overall, one of the easiest floors to maintain.

Vinyl vs Real Wood

While many still may gravitate towards the real thing- hardwood flooring bears several limitations that vinyl does not. Unlike real wood flooring, vinyl can be exposed to moisture without the worry of warping and staining. This means vinyl can be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and other areas where there is a chance of water exposure. Vinyl flooring also stands the test of time in high traffic household areas. Unlike wood, vinyl is scratch resistant and resists damages much better. The durability of vinyl ensures your investment will be worthwhile- with hardwood there is much more unpredictability.

Top vinyl flooring trends include vinyl sheets for budget friendly styling, stone model vinyl tiles for a luxurious marble look, and a notable favorite, vinyl planks modeled after wood that give a timeless, classic appearance in a home.