Floor Trends for the Fall

Floor Trends for the Fall

When you are tackling a big home improvement project like putting in new floors, you want your style to be fresh and on-trend. However, you do not want to be trendy. Trends come and go, which means that something that is trending now can look dated and out-of-style in a few years or even a few months. For a major investment like floors, choosing something trendy could mean you are stuck with something that looks dated even when it is still brand new. In contrast, being on-trend means being aware of trends in interior design and letting them influence, but not dictate your design choices. On-trend designs should look fresh and modern, but instead of looking dated they should age to a classic appearance.

We are going to examine some of the hot flooring trends for this fall and discuss whether they are trendy, on-trend, or somewhere in between.

One of the biggest trends in the flooring work is vinyl flooring, specifically LVP or luxury vinyl plank. This flooring is affordable, can mimic natural materials, is water-resistant, and has a long life span. A few years ago, some people might have dismissed LVP as trendy because we did not know what the ROI on new LVP floors would be. However, home sales figures support the idea that LVP is a solid home improvement investment.

Hardwood floors may not sound trendy since hardwoods have been a classic flooring choice for centuries. However, you can combine the classic with a trendy global fair by choosing exotic woods or unusual or unique wood stains. Given that hardwood floors remain a huge selling point and are very versatile, they are definitely on trend.

Bamboo floors have a lot of the appeal of hardwoods but are much more eco-friendly. They are trendy because the more aware people become of the environment, the more they want to make green purchasing decisions. However, this trend is on that should continue to grow, making bamboo a solid on-trend flooring choice.

Cork floors walk the line. People either love them or hate them. If you are looking for a more comfortable walking surface, like eco-friendly choices, and want an affordable flooring option, cork is a great choice. It is also neutral enough to keep from looking dated. Just be aware you may not get the same ROI for cork flooring if you plan a quick sale of your home.

Black floors are trending right now. We hesitate to call them trendy because black floors have gone in and out of style and have been a consistent feature in many modern homes. They are having a moment. Our experience is that people either love black floors or hate them; there is not a lot of in-between. If you have always wanted them, go with them.

Gray floors are huge right now. Gray anything is big in home design. If you are flipping a home for a quick sale, then gray is a solid, neutral choice for your flooring investment. If you want to choose it for your home, just keep in mind that there are warm grays and cool grays, and they give a very different vibe to the room. Pick the feeling you want for the room and gray floors become a trendy choice that will still look good for years to come.