When to Buy Flooring

When to Buy Flooring

When is the best time to buy flooring? It is a question we frequently get from our customers. However, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, you need to think about a few things before making a flooring purchase.

Are you looking for trends? New floor styles usually hit the stores in late spring/ early summer. If you want the hottest new flooring trends for the year, you want to delay your flooring purchases till the new styles are released.

Are you looking for bargains? Because new flooring trends are released in late spring/early summer, flooring stores want to move inventory from their warehouses in winter and early spring. If you are looking for discounts, this can be the time of year to buy your flooring. However, if you are tackling a room at a time and want to ensure you can get the same style for later rooms, make sure the style you choose has not been discontinued.

Do you have time for installation? You can usually get good deals on flooring and installation between Christmas and New Year’s, but those deals may require immediate installation. If you can handle a flooring installation during that lull period, you may get a great deal.

Are holidays coming? In contrast, if you are trying to plan a flooring install in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but wait until October to shop for flooring, you will find that the high demand means few sales.

Has there been a natural disaster in your area? This may seem like an unusual question, but it is an important one. Immediately following a natural disaster that can cause destruction to things like flooring, demand for flooring and for installation services will be high. You will be less likely to find a deal in that time period. If you can wait a few months to replace your floor, you may find prices have returned to normal and installation times have shorter waits.

Do you have the time to prepare for the flooring project? Keep in mind that your installation costs will generally cover moving furniture and boxed items; if you are putting flooring into an occupied home, there is still quite a bit for you to do. If you have to hire someone to handle the packing and unpacking that goes along with getting a new floor or if you will need to get a hotel to deal with the disruption, those expenses will increase your total project costs.