Comparing Bona Water-Based Finish with Loba Water-Based Finishes

Comparing Bona Water-Based Finish with Loba Water-Based Finishes

Finding the right finishing product for your floor can be challenging. Water-based polyurethanes are easier to work with than traditional polyurethanes and can provide a great, durable finish. Many people think of Bona products as the gold standard in water-based polyurethanes. However, Loba products can provide the same quality, or even better, with considerable savings over Bona products. The key is matching the two same-level products, so you can compare them and determine which one is right for your job.

Loba 2K Supra and Bona Traffic HD are the best of the best when it comes to water-based polyurethanes. Both will give you durable finishes that last as long as oil-based polyurethanes. They also offer some great benefits. They dry faster, smell less, have lower VOCS, and offer the same durability as oil-based products. Water-based polys are more expensive than oil-based polys, but the advantages can make them a better choice, even with the cost premium.

Many people consider Bona Traffic HD the best water based polyurethane available. It is a commercial grade product that can hold up to heavy wear and tear. It is a two-part product, with a hardener that you mix into the product. It offers maximum durability, but the premium product comes at a premium cost. Plus, because it does not turn yellow, it is a great choice for gray and white stains or woods.

Between Loba 2K Supra and Bona Traffic HD, the differences are miniscule. Loba 2K Supra offers many of the same benefits as Bona Traffic HD, such as very little yellowing, high durability, low VOC, low smell, and a quick drying time.

While Bona Traffic HD and Loba 2K Supra are very similar products, there are times that we prefer Loba 2K Supra. It has great scratch protection. If you are refinishing floors in a house with dogs, we love Loba 2K Supra’s scratch protection. It also has wonderful elasticity. That means that it can move with the hardwood with humidity changes, making it great in homes with large temperature or humidity swings. It is a practically odorless product; by 24 hours after installation, the odor disappears. It also has a great finish that feels smooth and silky to the touch. You can walk on the floors within 24 hours and even put furniture on the floors after three days.

Bona and Loba water-based finish both offer lower-durability products. They have lower price points, as well. They can be a good choice for people on a budget, especially in areas that are not high-traffic or in homes where scratches and excessive wear and tear are unlikely. However, for homes with high traffic or with dogs, we highly recommend one of the high-traffic products.