Keeping Our Showrooms Safe During COVID-19

If you are like most of our customers, then you want to shop safely during COVID-19, but you also want to have the expanded possibilities of looking at an entire showroom full of flooring options instead of the narrower options you get from an at-home shopping experience. We understand. Like everyone else, we are eager for things to be normal, but also very concerned about ensuring the safety of our clients and employees. Here are some of the steps we are taking to keep us all safer during COVID-19, while still keeping our showrooms open.

Social Distancing

By now, we all know that social distancing is the key to safety during COVID-19. The fewer people you encounter, the lower your risk of COVID-19 exposure. We are taking social distancing seriously. We are limiting the number of people in the showroom at all times and asking guests and sales staff to respect social distancing guidelines. For customers, there is actually an upside to this: fewer people at a time means you get more dedicated customer service!

Requiring Masks

We are requiring masks covering the mouth and nose in our showrooms. We understand that some people find masks objectionable, and we do not pretend to be infectious disease experts, but as long as the majority of experts are recommending masks, we are going to require them for your safety and for ours.

Regular Sanitizing

We have always prided ourselves on maintaining clean, well-maintained showrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant introducing even more frequent cleaning and sanitizing between customers, including high-touch points and any samples you might handle.

Safety Beyond the Showroom

Of course, it is important to be COVID-19 safe beyond the showroom, as well. We are following enhanced safety protocols in our installation process, designed to eliminate viruses on flooring surfaces and limit the spread of airborne viruses.

At Home Shopping

We have also expanded our at-home shopping experiences for customers who want the extra security of shopping from home. Our online shopping experience and home visualization tools help you picture flooring in your home, and you can always see samples in person.

COVID-19 has changed so many things for so many of us. In fact, it has led to most of us spending more time at home than we ever have in the past. We are here to help you make your home somewhere you love to be by offering great floors at great prices.

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