Remodeling Your NJ Floors With Flooring Options That Are Durable and Lovely

Remodeling Your NJ Floors With Flooring Options That Are Durable and Lovely

Remodeling Your NJ Floors With Flooring Options That Are Durable and Lovely

Got carpeting that has seen better days? Most people do, but you can replace this carpeting in your New Jersey home with better, more durable,flooring options and more beautiful options. As any flooring distributor in Lincoln Park, NJ, will tell you, one of those options is engineered wood flooring in New Jersey that customers really love. Here’s what your flooring supplier in New Jersey might have to say about replacing your ugly carpeting with engineered wood flooring.

Wood Flooring Is Engineered for Strength

Engineered flooring is stronger than ¾” solid wood. Its many layers create greater support for weight and impact, which is why it is the preferred material sold by many a flooring store in New Jersey. Once installed, it will add a new refreshed look to any space.

Multiple Color Options to Make It Beautiful

From darkest black and darkest walnut to “natural pine”, this type of flooring can mimic literally any type of flooring wood and color you want. It will look beautiful installed in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to install it. You can even pick a different finish for each room to help visually separate the spaces and create transitions from room to room. A flooring distributor in Lincoln Park, NJ, can show you how different finishes can accomplish these visual transitions.

Very Easy and Quick to Install

You can pull out the carpet yourself, or have your installer/contractor in New Jersey pull the old carpeting out prior to installing the wood flooring. Within just a couple of hours, the engineered wood flooring from New Jersey installers is snapped and nailed into place and your floor looks great. If you pull the carpeting out yourself, the installers can complete the project even faster and you save money on the labor portion of the installation. There’s nothing else like this type of flooring for getting a nice new floor that you don’t have to worry about for years to come.

If you want to know more or get started on your flooring project today, contact SMI Flooring Distributors, Inc., via One of the flooring designers can help you decide on color,texture finish and wood type for the engineered flooring you want. You can also walk into one of our flooring store in New Jersey and talk to a sales representative about your project.

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